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Thank you so much for supporting our path and celebrating the upcoming launch of with us!
With this new community space you will get the chance to share your spiritual wisdom or find your very own path.
In this two-sided marketplace you are welcome to teach or provide their holistic treatments, as well as you are welcome to go deep into your healing.

”We are all teachers and we are all students of life & Mother Earth.”

What to expect:

  • Healers, shamans, naturopaths, coaches, yoga & meditation teacher, plant medicine facilitator, etc. are becoming reachable the the ones who are in need.
  • Wherever you travel – find holistic events around the world:
    cacao ceremonies, moon circles, group meditations, ecstatic dances, retreats, tantra sessions, permaculture workshops, etc.
  • Events, group sessions or private sessions are available to remember yourself of inner joy – however you prefer your healing!


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