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we build your brand

…because it’s your brand that counts!

Social media advertising is the future of marketing and the future is now.

As our agency knows the social media business for years, we want to help you create your perfect fitting social media campaign with all our experience.
No matter if you need help with your overall look on social media, if you have a product to launch or if you want to start a social media campaign including Influencers.
-> Spreadvertise will always be your right partner!

As we are specialized in Influencer Marketing, Events and Trips, we know what it needs to get the right attention.
Authentic content creator are most important catching your specific target group.

So what are you looking for?
…more traffic?
…more sales?
…more popularity?

Contact us and we’ll present you the best social media marketing concept for your individual strategy and budget.

We want to be your partner in crime!

our work is simple: make clients happy!

Trips & Events

Let’s tell you about the magic with Influencer Trips & Events.

Content Creation

Yes, we can boost your social media by creating the perfectly fitting content.

Content created by Influencers

get unique recommondations made with passion

We do not just want to transmit the brands guidelines to some randomly chosen Influencers, we want to tell a story and create professional marketing content.
Plus we will tell you about the magic of Influencer trips and events which always create lots of traffic with less additional budget.

In the end the main focus will be on your brand and targets.

Stop looking for the perfectly matching Influencers for your brand. We will suggest different possibilities for your social media campaign and be monitoring the whole market for your specific needs.

  1. Creativity
  2. Passion
  3. Knowledge

That’s what Spreadvertise is about!
What will be your next big step?

Gladly introducing a selection of our talented Influencers HERE

Grow with us!

Content created by our team

get creative solutions made by our experts

We are happy to introduce ourselves:
Marketings Professionals, PR Consultants, Eventmanager and Content Creator will create unforgettable and impressive campaigns.

We carefully design and execute tailored campaigns to make sure they receive the attention they deserve by connecting them with our network of social media influencers and their followers – your target group.

Attention and awareness are our main priorities and for sure, to get remembered.

With us your social media start will be professional and your products never forgotten.

    1. On time postings.
    2. Content creation.
    3. Full service.

That’s what Spreadvertise can give you.
What will be your next big step?

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